Laptop Repair Tools and Equipment

أشترك وتابع فيديوهات تعليم صيانة اللابتوب علي اليوتيوب .. أضغط هنا

Laptop Repair Tools and Equipment

 Bios/io kbc programmers
MINIPRO TL866Ⅱ Programmer :
SP8-A Programmer :
Vertyanov Jig Programmer :
Laptop screen EDID EEPROM cable :
Adpater for 1.8V SPI flash :
Vertyanov JIG V3 programmer + EDID EEPROM cable :

 MULTIMETER / Analyzer / Tester Tools / Power supply
Hantek DSO5202P Oscilloscope :
VICTOR VC3165 Frequency Counter :
USB Voltage/Amps Tester :
ADM02 Multimeter :
Extech EX330 Multimeter :
On screen Multimeter :
Power Supply 30V 5A :
Tekpower TP3005T Power Supply 30V 5A :
Laptop Analyzer Tester :
Laptop Memory DDR3 Test Card :
Laptop Memory DDR2 Test Card :

 Microscope / Lens /Camera / Adapter
AmScope 7X-45X Zoom Microscope :
AmScope SM05 0.5X Barlow Lens :
AmScope LED-144W-ZK Ring Light :
AmScope HD200VP-UM 1080p Camera :
14mp Tv Hdmi Usb Camera :
Camera Adapter OMAX 0.5X :
Camera HDMI HDMI Capture :

 Hot air / soldering /FLUX / Hand Tools & Misc
Hot Air 8586 700W /Soldering Station :
BAKU BK-936A 60W Soldering Iron Station :
Flux AMTECH NC-559-ASM :
Solder Wick 1.5m Desolder Wire :
Copper Wire Magnet Wire :
PCB Circuit Board Holder :
ProsKit SD-081A 7 in 1 Screwdriver :
Laptop DC Power Adapter Kits 38 PCS :
2Pcs 0.1MM Weld Copper Soldering Solder :
Hakko CHP 3-SA Non-Magnetic Precision Tweezers :
Kapton Tape :
X-ACTO Knife Z :
Thermal Grease Paste :
CPU GPU Silicone Thermal Pad :

Boardview software used:

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